Welcome to «Remove unused css 1.0»

Seo tool, that will help You get rid of unnecessary css.

This is the demo version of our plugin. We are going to improve it to the best! New functions and settings are coming!

How to use?

This is a great place to improve and clean Up your css code. This app allows You to:

    CLean your css by removing unused CSS.

  • Open developer tools at first by pressing f12 or Ctrl + Shift + I
  • Open the Command Menu (Cmd+Shift+P (or Ctrl+Shift+P))
  • Start typing "Legacy"
  • Select "Show Legacy Audits"
  • The resulting report will show you a bunch of useful information you can use to trim your bloated page down to a lean mean fighting machine. The resulting information will only show you a listing of CSS selectors that aren’t used on the current page.
ATTENTION! The plagin will remove all classes that are not used on the pages you provide, includeing the classes that are granted to elements via js or other way.
RECOMENDATION! We are strongly recommended You to backup your css file before updating it.

Remove unused css

1) Insert your css code here

2) Insert not used class names here. ( Insert only one page unused class names per textarea)

That's it! Here is your clean css!

Css lines:

Cleaned Css lines:

Cleaned classes:

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